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Raw Single Origin Lavender Honey 300 g

Raw Single Origin Lavender Honey 300 g

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RAW Lavender honey is a Boutique product, collected from our beehives in Bulgaria. It is a very light and pleasant herb flower honey; it has a warm and soothing taste of creamy flowers. From tasting the heavenly lavender on your taste buds to wrapping your tongue around the honey’s well-rounded and balanced texture, this honey is something you must try. It has a caramel colour and faint floral aroma, sometimes with slight camphor notes.

Taste: It has a very persistent medium-sweet taste that grows with the finish. Herbaceous and fruity with floral notes. Lavender Honey is known for its low acidity and lack of bitterness.

Aroma: Wonderful honey aroma and delicate floral scent.

Colour: Light to dark amber colour. Almost white when crystallised.

Best with: Delicious with fruit, ice cream, and baked goods. Well-respected and recognized pairing for gourmet cheeses. Perfect for replacing the sugar in your tea or coffee!

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