Gifts That Give Back: Supporting Local Artisans

Gifts That Give Back: Supporting Local Artisans

There was an era a few years ago when everything exotic was appreciated and was gaining popularity. From French perfumes to Belgian chocolates and chinaware, Anything that belonged to a foreign land was appreciated and well received.

The reception is pretty well understood as well because the exotic things are truly worth it. But over time, instead of the real exotic pieces, we have started receiving cheap replicas mass-produced in far corners of some illegal units. Not only does transportation raise the carbon footprint, but the more people buy such things, the more people are trapped in the pool of inhumane work conditions. What do such mass-produced gifts do to our society? They take so much from our planet.

At THE GFT BOX, we promote gifts that give back more to society than take from it. For example, our collection of gifts is handcrafted by local artisans. The best thing about these artisanal gifts is that they can be easily made to order and given as customized gifts in Dubai. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey of handcrafted gifts that give back to the planet and support our local artisans. So read till the end and share this blog with all your friends who are looking forward to buying gifts.

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Local Artisans Craft Special Gift Boxes in Dubai

THE GFT BOX has some of the best artisans who work locally in the UAE on its panel. The beauty of working with these artisans is that they curate special products and gift boxes as per our requirements. From lavender bath soaps to cinnamon candles, we have a lot more on offer thanks to this unique approach we have to sourcing from local artisans. So whether you are looking for gift boxes in Dubai or want to make a unique gift hamper in Dubai, you can rely on THE GFT BOX and our local artisans, who make great efforts to create customized products as per requirements.

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Local Artists add the Local Flavor to the Unique Gifts in Dubai

While the world was crazy about appreciating exotic products and novelties from across the world, local artists based in the UAE were busy mastering their craft. With every candle they lit and every textile they weaved, they added a ton of history and value to their craft. The stories and legends that these local craftsmen have to tell are so rare that they won’t be otherwise told. That is why it is so essential to support the art and craft produced by them. When you buy from local artists or stores that support local artists, you are contributing towards preserving traditions. When you want to buy a piece of history, you must visit nothing but the best online gift shop in Dubai, which our buyers lovingly call THE GFT SHOP.

Buying from Local Artists Promotes Sustainability

Local artists are born and brought up in the region; they care for the preservation of the surroundings and the local flora and fauna as much as we do. That is why they embrace sustainability and adopt measures that protect the planet rather than destroy it. When you order gifts online in Dubai from THE GFT BOX, you get packaging made of paper or wooden boxes that are either easily decomposable or can be reused multiple times. Local gifts make for great gift ideas in Dubai, as they give back to the planet more than they take away from it.

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When You Buy Gifts online in Dubai from Local Artists You Foster Creativity

There is one big reason why handcrafted goods have been costly since ancient times. The reason is that handcrafted products are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also unique, novel, and one-of-a-kind. It takes months, and sometimes even years, for an artist or a group of artisans to put their heart and love into a product and make it novel. All of this happens because they get the opportunity to fuel their creativity. This is a big thing that lacks mass production, where at the click of a button thousands of replicas are produced, packed, and shipped, increasing the carbon footprint and causing harm to the planet. So the next time you visit any gift shop in Dubai, make sure you buy products made by local artists because by doing so, you are fueling generations of creativity and novelty.

Build Relationships and Community by buying from Local Artists 

Throughout history, mankind has given immense importance to building relationships. By building the right relationship, territories were conquered and even lost; knowledge was shared and even destroyed. Buying from one family that has struggled to preserve the age-old craft will not just buy you thank-you gifts in Dubai; rather, it will buy you the friendship and bond of a family and a community for a lifetime. At THE GFT BOX, we have many textile pieces in the form of cotton bath towels, scarves, and yoga mats that are crafted from unique textiles that are indigenous to the artisans. So the next time you have the opportunity to buy something for yourself or someone, what will you choose? Friendship with a family for life or massive discounts? If your choice is now and not later, then you can visit THE GFT BOX gift store in Dubai and buy your favorite products for gifting and personal use.

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Buying gifts from local artists in Dubai is like buying gifts that give so much back to the earth rather than taking from it. The buyer will receive a lot of value out of it in various forms, like friendship, the opportunity to hold unique gifts in Dubai, and the satisfaction of doing the right thing.

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