Thoughtful Gifting: A Step Towards Sustainability

Thoughtful Gifting: A Step Towards Sustainability

Be it return favors for a wedding or corporate gifting, giving thoughtful gifts not only makes the receiver feel appreciated but is also a step towards sustainability. As the impact of human activities is increasingly becoming evident on the environment around us, more and more people are adapting measures that are sustainable and make our world a better place. In this blog post, at THE GFT BOX, we want to show you how mindful gifting can be a step towards sustainability and how easily you can embrace the idea of giving meaningful gifts.

What is Mindful Gifting? 

Mindful or thoughtful gifts are essentially gifts that are picked carefully considering the personal preferences and likes of the receiver. A box of chamomile tea given in a hand-curated hamper is a better gift than a plastic-wrapped vase or a pot that will eventually go to storage. Many gift stores in Dubai have started embracing the idea of mindful gifts and thus have more options that are not only aesthetic but also good for the planet.

Mindful Gifts are Quality Over Quantity

A few years ago, there was a trend where people gifted items equal in number to the recipients’ ages on their birthdays. The trend was quite a rage on social media and needless to say to end up giving 20 to 30 gifts people included anything randomly from stuffed toys for adults to one-dollar chocolate bars and sometimes even toothbrushes and tooth paste. While the thought behind these was pure and innocent, this was the least aesthetic and added no value to the receiver. Rather than stuffing gifts, it is better to choose one that is high in quality and will add value to the recipient's life. You can order gifts online in Dubai from places like THE GFT BOX, which specializes in thoughtful and sustainable gifting.

Ethically Sourced Gifts Bring the Biggest Smile 

Gifts sourced locally from ethical sources contribute greatly to the local economy and help local artisans keep their art alive. You can source the best gifts in Dubai from THE GFT BOX and bring a smile to the artisans’ faces as well as the receiver's faces. We have artisanal soaps that are made by local groups, and we also supply non-toxic candles made from organic soy wax that have pleasant fragrances. We have plenty of other options that are locally sourced and will be appreciated by everyone.

Offer Functional Gifts that Hold Special Meaning

Gifts can be more than pieces that lay in your living room display cases. A thoughtful gift can be as simple as a scarf for your wife or girlfriend, who has to travel often in the sun. Similarly, for men, it can be a pair of socks or a pair of books they have been longing to read. Functional gifts show your care and love for the other person. These days, you can buy gifts from the comfort of your home from the best online gift shops in Dubai. Shops like THE GFT BOX have a wide range of customizable and personalized gifts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful.

Gifts That Can Be Reused are Appreciated by All

Gifts that can be reused, like reusable bags, bottles, tableware, and even books, are quite popular. Some of the unique gifts in Dubai, like handcrafted linen sheets and bathrobes, make excellent gifting options. These gifts last for a considerably long time, and tableware or ceramics can even be passed on to the next generation. Some options, like cement incense holders and ceramic trinket plates, are quite popular on THE GFT BOX website.

Wrapping and Presentation in an Eco-friendly Way

Along with the gift, how you present it matters a lot too. Buying a wooden chopping board for your best friend is a great gift, but wrapping it in plastic becomes less sustainable. Thus, you can pick up gift boxes in Dubai that are wrapped in eco-friendly wrapping. At THE GFT BOX, all our customized and pre-designed gift hampers in Dubai are wrapped in eco-friendly wrappers and wooden boxes. The wooden boxes can be used for multiple things once the receiver unwraps the gift. Other options that you can use for sustainable packing are silk scarves, linen sheets, jute bags, and silk or cotton fabric pieces. These options have a wide variety of uses after they are unwrapped.

In conclusion, thoughtful and sustainable gifting inspires us to rethink thoughtless consumerism and adopt a more considerate and environmentally responsible perspective on buying gifts in Dubai. 

Giving something is an act of love, intention, and consideration that goes well beyond the actual gift. It is a heartfelt way to express your gratitude to the recipient of the gift while also contributing to making the earth a better place to live.




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