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Rustic Reverie

Rustic Reverie

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Embrace the serenity of the "Rustic Reverie" Gift Box, a thoughtful curation designed to immerse you in the simple, yet indulgent, pleasures of everyday living.

Unveil the natural elegance of the natural wood cutting board.

Dive into a world of aromatic bliss with a jar of artisanal herbal tea, carefully chosen for its fragrant blend and soothing properties.

Accompanying this delightful elixir, a charming tea mug awaits—designed to cuddle in your hands and wrap you in warmth with each invigorating sip.

Every detail has been thoughtfully considered, from the delicate napkin to the ornate decorative spoon, inviting you to savor the art of hospitality and mindful moments. Embrace the enchanting aroma of palo santo—a sacred wood renowned for purifying and blessing your space—adding a touch of mysticism to your peaceful haven.

With "Rustic Reverie," discover the simple luxuries that transform daily rituals into tranquil, soul-nourishing experiences—elevating every corner of your home into a sanctuary of rustic charm and timeless beauty.

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23 x 23 x 10 cm


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