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Nest Warmer Welcome Box

Nest Warmer Welcome Box

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Unveiling an exquisite ensemble that embodies warmth, indulgence, and the simple pleasures of life. Our Nest Warmer Welcome gift box is carefully curated to celebrate the joys of culinary delight and cozy relaxation.

Within this charmingly rustic box, discover a jar of pure raw white honey —a sweet, pristine essence of nature's bounty. Paired with it, beautiful wooden cutting board is nestled.

Embrace the art of gourmet cheese pairing with two exquisite cheese knives. 

Unwind with a selection of invigorating herbal tea, an aromatic blend of soothing herbs and botanical delights, served in a delicate tea cup that embodies both charm and functionality. 

Completing this feast of the senses, a decadent indulgence awaits—a bar of healthy, rich dark chocolate, a symphony of velvety texture and nuanced flavor notes, inviting a guilt-free treat for the discerning palate.

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23 x 23 x 10 cm


For Instructions and inspirations please visit our Instagram @thegftbox

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